September 30, 2014

Blessed Are The Hungry

During His discourse we call the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus presents a set of ideals called the "Beatitudes."… [more]

Blessed Are The Hungry Blessed Are The Hungry

A Parent’s Testimony

I watched the service [led by the dormitory boys] Sunday evening. The boys were just wonderful! I couldn't… [more]

A Parent’s Testimony A Parent's Testimony

The Word Is a Mirror

Working with young people I often get tickled at how much primping they do. Sometimes I think the guys… [more]

The Word Is a Mirror The Word Is a Mirror

Help for Parents of Troubled Teens, Part 1

If you’re dealing with a troubled teen in your home, chances are, you’re struggling with your own… [more]

Help for Parents of Troubled Teens, Part 1 Help for Parents of Troubled Teens, Part 1

Help for Parents of Troubled Teens, Part 2

While parents of troubled teens understandably tend to focus on their children’s struggles and finding… [more]

Help for Parents of Troubled Teens, Part 2 Help for Parents of Troubled Teens, Part 2

Can You Help?

volunteers needed

Volunteer at New Creations

Did you know that New Creations can always use volunteers? In our 45 years of ministering to youth, it has taken many volunteer hours to constantly make a positive impact. Some areas in which you can volunteer: Food Preparation & … Continue Reading

This Week’s Devotional

deep in thought

What Are You Thinking?

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he... (Proverbs 23:7) My question for you this week is: "What are you thinking?" Many people earnestly desire to change, they just do not know how to go about bringing about that desired change. They want to change, but how? I suggest that the Bible teaches us to change our "stinkin thinkin"! That thing which has our focus is what we will gravitate towards. When we go to a new car dealer, that salesman does not have to try very hard to convince us to buy. We have already shopped around. We have already looked online. We have already read every piece of literature we can find on that car. Chances are when that salesman finds you, you will be … Continue

Making New Creations in Christ

New Creations Chapel provides an opportunity for the unsaved to become new creations in Christ, to disciple and equip them to win the world for Christ.

Central to the work of New Creations is its ministry to youth, a ministry that began in 1969 by Pastors Timothy & Bonnie Cummings when called to a ministry centered around the challenge of bringing young people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn more.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation.” II Corinthians 5:17