November 22, 2014

A Parent’s Testimony

I watched the service [led by the dormitory boys] Sunday evening. The boys were just wonderful! I couldn't… [more]

A Parent’s Testimony A Parent's Testimony

Student Testimonial: Stephen

Hi, My name is Stephen, I am 16 years old and I am from Tulsa, OK. Ever since I came to New Creations,… [more]

Student Testimonial: Stephen Student Testimonial: Stephen

What Are We Fighting For?

People often want to debate over theological beliefs. One of the most heated topics is the Rapture of… [more]

What Are We Fighting For? What Are We Fighting For?

A Time To Remember

In parenting, as with all of life, so much depends on our perspectives. In fact, the way we look at our… [more]

A Time To Remember A Time To Remember

Help for Parents of Troubled Teens, Part 2

While parents of troubled teens understandably tend to focus on their children’s struggles and finding… [more]

Help for Parents of Troubled Teens, Part 2 Help for Parents of Troubled Teens, Part 2

Urgent Need

Do you want to have an eternal impact with your life? Is the Lord burdening you to lay aside the world’s promise of fame & gain and to serve Him? We urge you to consider serving at New Creations as a dorm minister. Learn more.

Church Mission Trip Opportunity

volunteers needed

Volunteer at New Creations

Did you know that New Creations can always use volunteers? In our 45 years of ministering to youth, it has taken many volunteer hours to constantly make a positive impact. Some areas in which you can volunteer: Food Preparation & … Continue Reading

This Week’s Devotional

where is god

God, Where Are You?

Did you ever ask the question, "God, where are you?" "God, where are you in all this mess?" Sometimes we feel so alone, and we can't sense His presence. Satan is screaming, "He has abandoned you, you are all alone!" The spirit of heaviness surrounds you and tries to overtake you. And still you wonder, "Are you here, God?" The voice of the enemy seems so loud, and it is all we can hear: "God has left you alone!" This is a familiar setting to most of us who call ourselves Christians. At some point and time we will do battle with the spirits. Be it fear, depression, anxiety... they will come and try to beat you into submission. One of the greatest prophets of power experienced this as … Continue

Making New Creations in Christ

New Creations Chapel provides an opportunity for the unsaved to become new creations in Christ, to disciple and equip them to win the world for Christ.

Central to the work of New Creations is its ministry to youth, a ministry that began in 1969 by Pastors Timothy & Bonnie Cummings when called to a ministry centered around the challenge of bringing young people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn more.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation.” II Corinthians 5:17