Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames: April 12-14, 2014

heavens gates hells flames
Update: Click here for the most recent schedule for Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames at New Creations Chapel in Richmond, Indiana.

For over 20 years, New Creations Chapel, Inc. has been putting on “Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames.” This year, we’ll be once again presenting the drama at 7:00 PM nightly on Saturday, April 12th, Sunday April 13, and Monday April 14, 2014.

Many people have come to this drama over the years and found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I remember a man in his 70s, children, students, families, friends, business people, farmers and so many others who have found Christ through catching a glimpse of reality while experiencing the Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames drama.

In the past I have begged you to come to this special three night event and bring someone with you that needs a change in their life. Again, we beg you to not forget your dear friends who are hurting and lost in a world that is in so much turmoil that they don’t know where or how to get help.

We do pray that you will come and bring others. To obtain your free tickets, please call 765-935-2790 or email

You can also mail your request for free tickets to New Creations Chapel, 6400 National Road East, Richmond, IN 47374. Please be sure to include the date you will be attending.

Each time we have presented the drama, someone yields their heart to Jesus Christ. It is a reminder of the newness that happens to us when we enter into that relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives. Psalm 97:10 “Ye that love the Lord, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

Event link on RealityOutreach.org (Reality Outreach Ministries brings the Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames drama to churches throughout the United States).


  1. steven says

    That show changed my life forever.It is fun and I was lucky to be apart of that experience. I recommend it to everyone to go see.

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