We Beg You to Come – Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames 2013

heavens gates hells flames
Update: Click here for the most recent schedule for Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames at New Creations Chapel in Richmond, Indiana.

On March 24-26, 2013 New Creations Chapel will be presenting one of the most important dramas that have ever been shown in the Wayne County & Preble County area. A drama that has brought more people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ than any other, by encouraging, challenging, and convicting the viewer of his need for a Savior. A Savior that has brought deliverance to the viewer of this drama by bringing freedom of the sin that they have permitted to come into their lives.

This drama, Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames, is one drama that you cannot permit your lost loved one or lost friend to miss. In fact, we beg you not to let your lost loved one or lost friend miss this drama. This drama could even relieve and wash the blood of your lost loved one or lost friend off your hands, because you have invited them to the most compelling drama where they will witness that they need a Savior to be saved before it’s too late.

Each scene will bring you into a real life experience that people get involved in while living in this walk of life. The viewer will see, hear, and feel the compelling call to surrender their life to Jesus as Lord of their life. The lost loved one, lost friend, or backslider will be faced with making a decision for God or for the devil. No one can escape the choice of Heaven or Hell at this drama. You will sit on the edge of your seat as you are being challenged to make a decision for God or for the devil.

You will laugh, cry, and want to shout for the wonderful acting of the students, staff, and caring parishioners of New Creations Chapel who have given their hearts to bring this most thrilling drama to you. The students, staff, and congregation of New Creations Chapel will start a 40 days of Fasting and Prayer on February 10, 2013. The fast will end on March 21, 2013. Each staff will fast one thing they love and would find a challenge not to have during this 40 day fast and prayer time. Some staff, students, and parishioners will fast one meal a day up to a complete fast of one to three days, all for the purpose of seeing that lost loved one, or lost friend come to the drama.

The drama has many real life scenes that cause the viewer to think about their life commitment to God, as well as their attitude about heaven and hell!

The drama has been viewed all over the world, bringing thousands of people to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Each community that hosts the presentation of the Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames Drama has been put on by local church staff and parishioners. Volunteers are trained, coached and directed by the staff of Reality Outreach Ministry Team that travel from church to church coaching, training, and directing the local congregation.

New Creations Chapel has been so fortunate to be a Reality Outreach Ministries mission project. This means any funds that are given to this project or raised at the drama go to help in running New Creations Boarding School, a mission of New Creations Chapel Church.

You may get your free tickets to this real life drama by calling New Creations Chapel at 765-935-2790. The drama will start at 7:00 PM each evening Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday March 24-26, 2013.

by Bishop Timothy W. Cummings


  1. Gini Atkinson says

    When will this play be back in Fredericksburg Virginia? This was by far the best and most touching performance I have seen and would love to show my family.

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