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Genesis 37-50: Joseph was -
• Put in the pit
• Sold into slavery
• Falsely accused by Potiphar’s’ wife
• Put into jail
• Forgotten in jail

All because of Joseph’s dream from God. Looking through worldly eyes, it looked as though his dream was dead. BUT GOD had another plan! "I could save the lives of many people." Gen. 50:20

Job 1-42: Job was -
• Stripped of all he had
• Friends forsook him
• Health was riddled with ailments
• Children were killed
• Wife told him to curse God and die!

His life was in ruins with no way to come back or get his family, health, finances or possessions back. All hope was lost!

BUT GOD had another plan! The Lord gave Job twice as much! Job 42:10

Yes, I felt similar when we closed New Creations and sold our campus. All we had worked towards for 47 years was gone. Everything on Earth, but the devil could not take the many souls won for Christ at New Creations!

BUT GOD had another plan!

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